The BEST Gift Ideas for the Traveler You Love

So you’re in a tough situation. You love someone who travels for work, or maybe you both travel a lot. Since Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, why not get them something they can use on their business ventures? You need the kind of gifts that keep up with their busy, jet-setting lifestyle, so ordinary gift ideas are just not going to cut it.

  1. Many of us love to get fresh-scented luxuries for Valentine’s Day, but who wants to pay a lot of money for something that will roll around in their suitcase and eventually break (and ruin their clothes)? Instead, try finding a great scent that looks attractive and travels well, just like your sweetheart. Another plus side? Travel size bottles are a bit more affordable.  For him.  For her.


  2. Weekend travel packages from Groupon–Even if you spend countless hours on the road, wouldn’t it be nice to finally go somewhere on a weekend when you’re both finally together? Scout out Groupon for an awesome deal on a romantic destination.1

  3. Brrrr! Valentine’s Day might, historically, usher in the very first signs of spring, but it’s certainly not warm out yet. Why not indulge your dearest with a really nice Polartec blanket like this.3


  4. Let’s face it: The stuff the hotel gives you doesn’t always work wonders for your skin. Gift them with some higher-quality hygiene items that will pamper them during a busy week away. Try this luxe Diptyque set for women or this sporty Kiehl’s set for men.

  5. Your traveler will surely smile when they see these bright, top-quality socks in their suitcase. If the hearts are too cheesy for you, they have plenty of more stripey, polka dotty options.5

  6. We know that coffee mugs get a place on every gift list, but this one’s special to road warriors. Buy one that’s local to your home and sneak it into their suitcase for an upgraded, nostalgic take on their hotel coffee.6

  7. This Jason Markk kit cleans shoes over 200 times for less than 20 dollars. Keep them looking fresh for their conference.7

  8. Tag, you’re it! Privacy has never looked so chic. Made of handsome American leather and personalized with engravings, the name on these tags will not show up unless you turn it toward a light, so they can maintain some privacy when finding their bags at a crowded airport.8

  9. We all know that when you want to take more than a sip when traveling on a plane, you have to find your own container. Unfortunately, unless they’re flying first class, they’ll probably have to hydrate with a tiny Styrofoam disposable. Make sure your loved one stays healthy with this happy glass bottle.9

  10. Sign me up! Want to give them a gift that gives a little something every month? Why not try one of these awesome subscription ideas? There’s something out there for the foodie, beeroseiur, makeup junkie, and more.10


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