The Best (or Weirdest!) 2017 CES Tech Updates to Watch for Soon

Did you ever think you could roll up your home tv like a burrito or animate your kid’s LEGO set? Our minds were blown when we researched the latest tech trends from CES 2017!

  1. LG’s folding tv – They’re calling it their “ W7 Wallpaper TV” because you can paste it where you want your screen, then peel it off, roll it up, and start over. You’re not even sacrificing the size since new models will be spanning 50+ inches.
  2. Dish’s AirTV This CES star might not look the shiniest, but we’re pretty sure to see it in homes and hotels alike: it’s already available for sale and priced reasonably. The device was created as the ultimate resource for watching 4K video. You’ll also get quick shortcuts to Netflix, Youtube, and Sling as well as the latest in voice control technology.
  3. ShapeScale 3D Fitness Tracker – Have you ever heard the saying, “Weight is just a number”? It’s kind of true, and fitness means much more than a number on a scale. That’s why ShapeScale does so much more than measure weight. It also tracks your fitness level, BMI, muscle development, and more…and all you have to do is step on the device just as you would a scale.If you’re not impressed, it also takes a 3D scan of your body that syncs to your phone, allowing you to track progress, target trouble spots; plus it gives you personalized tips about how to adjust your lifestyle to get results.
  4. O’2 Mobile Nail Printer – Dream up a design, program it to an app and put it on a printer. Simply stick your nail into the device, and you’ll see the design you programmed into your app on your nails. You can even print photos you have stored on your phone!
    It basically works like a 3D printer for nail designs, but at $750, it’s too pricey to put nail salons out of business. One cartridge can paint nails about 800 times.
  5. Genican Who would have thought that the most genius part of your house could be your trash can? Genican sees your grocery shopping habits by the things you’re throwing away and makes suggestions about what you should get next time you go to the grocery store.
  6. Internet of…All the things! – Most tech experts agreed that Alexa, the AI voice assistant, problem solver, and media streamer extraordinaire, scored as the most impressive development at CES 2017. Powered by Amazon, Alexa can dim your lights, find a movie, or even order you food if you’re a Prime account member. Don’t underestimate her because that’s not even close to a full picture of her capabilities. Here’s a list of some of her core functions.
  7. Honda Riding Assist – Have you ever wanted to try riding a motorcycle but are afraid of tipping it over? That’s a valid fear since almost half of motorcycle fatalities in single vehicle crashes relate to problems negotiating a curve prior to a crash. While Honda’s invention can’t steer the bike or steal your adrenaline rush, it can help keep you balanced on a curvy road.
  8. Self-driving trend – This trend may be going nowhere fast, but these automatic cars are. “The next 10 years is going to be as influential in the car and personal transportation world as the smartphone has been in the past ten years,” Autotrader’s Karl Brauer said. “You are going to see companies disappear because they can’t adapt quickly enough.”
  9. Better budget phones – While the tech world buzzes about 4k TVs and 5g networks, another number will arise in the smartphone realm — the Honor 6x. The Honor, which rings up around $250 — one-third the cost of the newest iPhone developments — boasts solid performance, a dual camera system, and a robust battery life. It’s not flashy, but no one’s really complaining.
  10. LEGO Boost – It’s like your favorite childhood toy gone wild. Kids can still craft whatever creation they want, but now they can animate their creations while learning valuable programming skills that will enhance their careers later on.

Tailored for travelers:

Faster Wi-Fi — This trend affects most (try 98%) hotels since the majority of US hotels offer this service. The 5G movement will put faster internet and easier connectivity into the hands of more travelers.

Because of this, you’ll see less back-of-seat entertainment on flights in the coming years, as expanded internet service will translate to fast streaming on your personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It’s about time!

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