The CLS Stay: From a Hotel Perspective

Before arrival: CLS will book on your website using our code or call you directly. We’ll also fax (or email) you an authorization form even before the guest arrives.

Step 1: Check in
Ok, here they are, walking up to your front desk. What happens next? As you probably know, CLS happily handles the lodging expenses. Incidentals will be covered for some clients, so always check the authorization form.

What if they don’t show up? Give us a quick call, and we’ll get in touch with the guest and keep you in the loop.

Step 2: Room Type
Single or double room? CLS specifies exactly how you should lodge our travelers and plans accordingly. Many travelers want their own room so they can have privacy, but we’re counting on you to help us follow our client’s travel policy.

Step 3: During Their Stay
They stay with you a few nights. Or two weeks. Or even a month. You see their smiling faces in the lobby every day and you make sure they’re comfortable every step of the way. (Thank you!)

Step 4: Check Out
Congratulations: our guest is ready to check out! We hope you enjoyed having them as a guest. Just a friendly reminder before they walk out the door:
Do not put charges on a master account. CLS needs the individual rooms and charges to be separate.
Do not give the traveler the receipt unless it is for incidentals. The incidentals should be on a separate account.

Step 5: Getting Paid
Hint: This should be your favorite part!

We pay you. With our most popular method, CLS’ Priority Pay, you get Zero Day billing–Absolutely FREE. What’s Zero Day billing? Just what it sounds like. The night after a guest sleeps at your hotel, you get paid via Priority Pay.

It’s simple, right? If there’s any part of this process that you don’t understand, or if you want more information about Priority Pay, please don’t hesitate to contact us at; someone should get back in touch shortly.

We’re here for you. Always call CLS with any questions. We’re up late and offer 24/7 service via our Hotel Hotline–888-852-5100.

  • Dolly Schnetzler
    Posted at 17:26h, 31 March Reply

    I would love to have more of the CLS business who can I speak with in reference to this?

    Thank you in advance for your help
    Dolly Schnetzler
    Best Western N.E. Mall Inn & Suites

    • Maggie McCombs
      Posted at 19:57h, 07 April Reply

      Good afternoon, Dolly!

      I’m happy to help, and I’ll send your request over to the hotel side of CLS. Please email if you need any additional information. Have a wonderful day!

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