The Greatest Tips for Green Travel – Part 2

Green travel initiatives matter to hotel customers more and more with each passing year. If you don’t believe us, 21% of customers say that they’d pay more to stay in an accommodation that touted its environmental efforts, according to a study by the Center for Responsible Travel. In such an unstable economic time that prioritizes budget concerns, we think that speaks volumes about what customers value this year.

Last year, we discussed the importance of green travel and how travelers and hotels can foster a positive relationship that encourages eco-friendly measures. But we didn’t get to talk about sustainable travel nearly as extensively as we hoped to, so let’s catch up on a few business travel tips we missed, shall we?


  • Recycling reservations – Does your hotel participate in a recycling program? Call ahead: Knowing how and to what extent the hotel gets involved sets your expectations – do you need to meet hotels and lodging accommodations somewhere in the middle on environmental efforts? Find out in advance so you can know how to pack. 


  • Take your own stuff – Grab a reusable water bottle before you head off to your destination. Also grab your own grocery tote, utensils, or TSA-friendly bottles. This is especially important if the hotel doesn’t have many eco-friendly amenities. 


  • Or bring it back home – If your hotel doesn’t have a recycling program, consider packing up your goods and taking them back to your familiar recycling area after you check out. 


  • Pass on the paper – If you’re a subscriber to the local newspaper, ask the delivery folks to suspend your service while you’re away. Paper wasting on the lawn isn’t going to do much good for either you or the environment.


  • Shopping trip – Do you plan shopping trips into your travel itinerary? Shopping at generic, big-box stores that you frequent back at home just doesn’t compare to browsing the local boutiques. Shop local to give back to the community and encourage ethical manufacturing practices.


  • Crazy train – Train tours are can’t-be-missed cultural highlights in certain countries, like Myanmar and Peru. Compared to plane travel, train adventures cut your CO2 emissions in half. We don’t even have to mention the value of walking tours: You get to experience the world at your pace while leaving a minimal footprint.


  • Respect the wildlife – Dolphin swims, elephant rides, and whale watches seem like fun entertainment for the kids in your life, but so much happens behind the scenes that innocent tourists know nothing about. We’d rather not go into the details, but these animals often endure so much cruelty during the capture to get to zoos and wildlife centers. A quick search will pull up some nearby ethical animal-watching alternatives to these activities. 


Which tips have you already tried, and which will you start implementing during your next vacation?


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