The Host with the Most

Looking for a FREE solution to an unsold room? Unsold rooms cost you money! Don’t lose hope–Creative Lodging Solutions™ can help you sell that room and make a profit for your hotel chain.

Creative Lodging Solutions™ has been around for 13 years and has grown tremendously every year. We represent hundreds of clients and have reserved over 10 million traveler nights. And we’re positioned for skyrocketing numbers and even more happy customers  in the coming years.

We were growing so much that we had to change things up a little. That’s why we started creating Host Hotels on top of our In Network and National Discount Partners. Host Hotel partners are giving us the absolute deepest discounts off their unrestricted rates. Typically, to be a Host Hotel partner, we need a minimum of 35% off your average unrestricted rate. While it’s always the clients’ choice where they stay, we will always consider our Host Hotel partners first when determining the best option for budget-minded clients.

Remember: Becoming a Host Hotel partner will cost you nothing! No pay-per-click fees, no marketing or advertising fees, no membership fees, no bias placement fees….. NOTHING!

So, how do you partner with Creative Lodging Solutions™? The process is simple. Hotels win our business and become Host Hotel partners by providing discounts at a minimum of 35% off of your average unrestricted BAR or RACK rate. Make sure you are offering us the ABSOLUTE BEST RATE possible to ensure that your hotel gets the booking boost it deserves!

Stop dealing with the constantly rising cost of an unsold room! The faster you respond to become a Host Hotel partner, the faster you will benefit from our unique, client-centric business concept. What are you waiting for?

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