The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Lodging

The race is on! Are you ready for better lodging management? For low rates, friendly service, and speedy billing?

If you spend long labor hours struggling to find the right rooms and negotiating your own rates but still end up paying too much, Creative Lodging Solutions™ will lead the way! We give expertly negotiated rates at least 20% lower than online prices.

If you’re tired of talking to automated systems or customer service reps that sound like robots, we’re glad to step in and provide that conversational touch you expect to hear from the company managing your lodging services.

If your invoices are stacking up, and you’re sick of shuffling through inaccurate bills, we guarantee no unauthorized charges and just one weekly invoice–delivered on time and coded exactly how your company wants it.

In just two minutes, happier business travel will be just around the corner. Actually, we were joking. It takes even less than two minutes, but we couldn’t resist the Kentucky Derby reference since we’re headquartered in the Bluegrass State. See you at the starting line!



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