The Not-So-Notorious P.I.G

Creative Lodging Solutions is a lodging services provider known for saving clients money by negotiating room rates. But did you know that CLS is saving behind the scenes, too? The Pink Pig Savings Program trims the fat (pardon the pun!) off business expense and proves how hard CLS works to tackle all those extra details.

Account managers and customer care agents at CLS scrutinize hidden costs and work diligently to erase all extra charges. Although the client may not be aware of all the work CLS reps do to save them money on a daily basis, their savings statistics show up in their quarterly Stat Packs. Our clients agree: “I never knew that Creative Lodging would take the time to attend to [our company’s] little extra costs until I got our savings packet in September. We were all impressed with the service and attention-to-detail that will save us so much travel money down the road. Thank you so much, CLS!”

The most common opportunities for CLS agents to generate client savings with Pink Pig are:

  1. Lowering rates — 42%
  2. Matching lower rate from a partner hotel — 16%
  3. Refunding unauthorized room upgrades — 15%
  4. Waiving cancellation fees — 10%
  5. Correcting rates — 7%
  6. Other Misc. Charges — 10%

This program strengthens our partnerships with hotels because it encourages negotiation–the conversation vital to the connection between lodging provider and hotel. Pink Pig has established a more positive rapport with not only our client but also with the hotels we offer them.

In 2013, Operations leaders noticed the drop in Pink Pig savings and focused on raising the bar for 2014. Last year, Chief Operating Officer Joanna Garcia said this about Pink Pig: “We’re really happy to do those little extras that help our clients. That’s why we’re going above and beyond to implement Pink Pig savings much more aggressively. We look forward to taking care of your travel expenses so you can focus more on your business.”

Creative Lodging Solutions exceeded Joanna’s 2014 goal. In fact, we doubled the entire 2013 savings in the first half of 2014! Vigorous rate negotiation and exceptional customer service may be the meat of Creative Lodging Solutions’ savings initiative, but we can’t deny that Pink Pig is the savory bacon that sweetens the deal.

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