The True & False of Travel Urban Legends

You’ve heard these horrifying travel urban legends, but are they true?

We’ll unmask the spooky rumors before you head to your next haunt!

Happy Halloween!

  • There’s money in the hotel Bibles. FALSE. The urban legend persists as a tactic to get people to find the Bible in the room.
  • The bathroom door in an airplane was designed to open from both sides. Scary, but TRUE
  • Hotel key cards contain your personal information, and anyone with a special scanner can “read” your details. FALSE
  • People commonly use the hotel’s iron to prepare meals. TRUE
  • You can open the airplane doors, and all the passengers will get sucked out into the sky. FALSE
  • Those pesky critters called bed bugs can only be found in budget hotels and cheap accommodation. FALSE
  • Posting on Facebook about your upcoming vacation & travel plans is dangerous. TRUE
  • Taking a call on your cell phone will make the plane crash. FALSE
  • Hotels don’t always clean the duvets. TRUE
  • The recirculated air coming from plane air vents will make you sick. FALSE
  • There’s a secret train platform beneath the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC. TRUE
  • There is a widespread fear in the hotel world of a 13th floor. For this reason, many hotels don’t have a clearly-marked 13th floor. TRUE

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