The Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving in a Kitchenette

Traveling on Turkey Day but want to enjoy a meal from the comfort of your hotel room instead? How about switching on your favorite holiday classic movies and chowing down on some deliciously easy Thanksgiving foods? We know just the things to whet your appetite and remind you of home–no matter where you are. We made sure the foods were easy to find, so you can locate them in both rural and urban locations without breaking a sweat.

Maybe I’m missing something, but…why would anyone want to cook on their day off, anyway? Lucky for you, we found some good, quick food options so you won’t have to. By the way, even if you’re not spending your Thanksgiving on the road, you can try these ideas at home if you promise not to blame it on us when you get in trouble with your hungry family members or start a new tradition.

Main Course:
Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store–Am I the only one who thinks it’s simply tastier and juicier than turkey?
Packaged frozen rolls like Sister Schubert’s. My grandmother serves them every year even though she’s a great cook. No shame: It’s just that these things are pretty hard to beat.
Canned gravy–Campbell’s turkey gravy won 1st place in a recent taste test contest for the best canned sauce.

Side items:
Mac and cheese from deli–You can’t have Thanksgiving without savory carbs! You can also sub for pasta salad if that’s more your style.
Whole cranberries, canned–The whole cranberries feel fancier and more festive than the pasty kind, in our humble opinion.
Seasoned veggies from a can–such as Southern-style green beans or collard greens with bacon
Pre-packaged mashed potatoes from Bob Evans or similar restaurant brand–They taste just like the home-style variety.

Pumpkin or pecan pie from the deli
Cool Whip 

Do you have any other ideas? Share your experiences or recipes in the comment section below!


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