The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Travelers

Been traveling on business the whole summer? That’s okay — finish it off right by doing fun activities like these. 

As much as you might hate to admit it, summer is wrapping up pretty quickly — it will be September before you know it! We understand that life is already full of work and other priorities, but don’t forget that you only get to enjoy this season once per year. Here are a few suggestions for how we think you should fully appreciate the summer.

1. Go to a concert. Enjoy some live music and take advantage of the beautiful weather; whether it’s your favorite band or just a small group that lives down the street, it’s an opportunity to listen to good music and take in the sunshine.

2. Go to a food festival. Who wouldn’t enjoy this? I mean, it’s a festival dedicated to food. There are all different types; food truck, cheesesteak and even dessert food festivals. Count me in!  If you’re in Lexington, now is the perfect time to sign up for Crave; it’s next weekend.

3. Make ice cream. This is fun because you can create whatever flavor you want with whatever you want to be mixed in … uh yes, please. Follow this link to learn how to make some ice cream all by yourself.

4. Rent an RV. Camping is fun! Especially when it’s kinda partially indoors (haha); take your favorite person with you, and this road trip will be unforgettable.

5. Go to a drive-in movie. A movie outside sounds like the perfect summer activity. Bring some snacks and blankets and enjoy.

6. Volunteer. Giving back is important—so do it. Look up shelters in your area where you can help serve food. If you’re an animal lover, you can volunteer to help those little ones too (ASPCA). At the end of the day, you will be thankful you had donated your talent and time. Studies by United Health Group say that 76 percent of people who volunteered in the last twelve months said that volunteering has made them feel healthier; 94 percent of people who volunteered in the past year reported that volunteering improved their mood.

Thanks to business travel, you’ll find a wider range of opportunities to give back. If you are looking for something to do in your off time, check out fresh volunteering options in your new market. As Muhammed Ali said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

7. Go to a beer or wine tasting. Look up places around your area that you can go to a tasting! You might discover something new that you love, and this is a fun activity to share with friends and family.

8. Bake. Dedicate an afternoon to baking your favorite desserts with a bunch of your friends. Maybe try some new recipes you’ve been dying to taste. If you are traveling for the summer or staying in a hotel for a bit, check out our hotel room cooking recipes.

9. Watch the stars. This is a simple, relaxing activity that will remind you how beautiful the outdoors is. With the total solar eclipse starting on August 21st watching the stars and sky should be a no brainer. If you want to stay updated on what communities in Kentucky will be able to see the totality of the eclipse, check this out.

10. Take time to complete a 1,000 piece puzzle. Puzzles take your brain off of anything that is stressing you out at the moment, and you will feel very accomplished when you complete it.

This list of activities will definitely help you finish off your summer the right way. Take advantage of the time you have left in the warm weather by doing (at least!) a couple of these summer bucket list activities!

About the Author: Grace is going into her final year of college as a marketing major at West Chester University, located in Pennsylvania. She is currently managing the social media accounts for her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, promoting the group’s philanthropic events. She is spending the summer furthering her knowledge about marketing by interning at Creative Lodging Solutions, a business traveling company that has booked over 13 million traveler nights for clients nationwide. She loves spending time with her yellow lab, Indy, and eating Funfetti cake.


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