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Hotel room prices account for only a fraction of total corporate lodging costs. What could your company be overlooking?

Stop Overspending on Lodging

Corporate travel management costs money. How much, you ask? Well, more than you think. Recent statistics also showed that corporations spend a total of $150.2 billion per year in travel. So it’s safe to assume travel takes up a huge chunk of your corporate budget. Outsource to a travel management company to make sure you’re not overspending on travel!

Read our “The Total Cost of Lodging” white paper to discover:

  • The top 3 largest costs in lodging management
  • The percentage of inaccurate hotel invoices
  • How to save on lodging

Find expert answers to rising hotel rates, inaccurate billing, and inefficient systems. Read more to find out how to make your lodging program better!

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