Your lodging projects are now manageable

How It Works

CLC Lodging is here to do your heavy lifting – managing the details of your travel project. Simply give us the destination of your work site, amenities you prefer, and any company reservation preferences; and we work hard to find the right room. Our solid hotel partnership community allows us to negotiate rates so you get the room rates you deserve.

It Gets Better

When we bill you, you only have to deal with one bill, coded just how your company wants it, guaranteed. We don’t let the hotel charge you for unauthorized expenses. If they do, we’ll contest the charge on your behalf. We’re here to save you the time, money, and headache that goes with corporate travel.

What We Deliver

Customized Lodging Programs

CLC customizes lodging, especially long-term travel projects, for clients nationwide. If you have an annual spend of $250,000 or more on hotels/apartments, CLC can help your company!

Controlled Expenses

Identify, evaluate, and lower the costs of lodging! Outsource your travel program to us, and we’ll handle your reservation, ensure your travel policy, actualize savings, and consolidate billing.

Negotiated Rates

Let our lodging experts manage your travel so you can focus on your business! Once you’ve selected a hotel, we aggressively negotiate rates, establish billing with the hotel, and send you a confirmation of your savings.

Policy Adherence

We make sure your travelers follow the rules. Whether you have travel policies for room sharing, location parameters, or budget, every reservation complies with your guidelines. Only designated employees may authorize exceptions.

Consolidated Billing

Receive coded, consolidated invoices within 30 days of your checkout date. We mean it! We guarantee that we’ll send it in under 30 days or all days not billed within 30 days are free! No more waiting for hotel bills or overpaying for incorrect charges.

Comprehensive Reports

Quarterly stat packs give you the information you need for overall spend and up-to-date savings. You can even use these graphs in your next budget meeting!

If you are spending over $250,000 on project lodging, we can help!

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