Travel (Policy) Management Made Easy

If your company spends $250,000 or more on annual lodging expenses, trust the experts at Creative Lodging Solutions to maximize your options, minimize your expenses, and guarantee zero unauthorized charges. We’ve booked millions of traveler nights for people like you, and we can’t wait to help you clean up your business travel costs and enforce your travel policy!

We’ll do whatever it takes to give you outstanding business travel. How exactly do we work our magic?

You Set Permissions
We believe you should be cautious in who is allowed to make important reservation decisions. That’s why we enforce policies in which only authorized requesters can book rooms.

Hotel Segments + Your Budget
You have a price point in mind. We want to give you the very best that you can get at that price. No compromises. We explore options that perfectly fit your policy.

No Unauthorized Charges
If it’s not written up in our hotel authorization form, we won’t let the hotel charge it. The hotel should only charge your card for incidentals, and we’re sticklers for that rule.

Don’t Keep Your Distance
Is your policy all about location, location, location…or do you prioritize saving at all costs, even if it means a longer drive to your worksite? Show us your policy, and we’ll find a good geographical match.

Zoom to the Right Room…Or Rooms
It’s a point of contention for travelers — who stays with whom? Who -if anyone- is exempt from rooming with a co-worker? You determine what’s best for your company, and we’ll make sure everyone gets booked accordingly.

We’re experienced

Whatever your goals, CLS can help you enforce travel policies so they can line up ideally to meet your guidelines and needs. This is not our first rodeo–we’ve managed over 13 million traveler nights, and we’ve consistently made booking and policy easier for companies like yours. Let us help you focus on your business needs and implement and enforce the perfect policy for your next trip.

Just give us a call at 888-852-5100 to get started! 

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