Waking Up With Best Western

Best Western celebrates their 70th birthday this year, but they’re looking especially good in their old age and taking big steps to reinvent their brand. We talked to Jeff Brown, Senior Worldwide Sales Manager, about all the changes coming their way this year. “Pretend you don’t know anything about Best Western because next year will be all about seeing it with new eyes,” he said.

One glance at their newest products, and you’ll definitely understand what he means. “This is not your mom and pop, traditional family road trip Best Western, and it’s clear with everything we do.” Although the priority of traveler’s comfort stays the same, the hotels are getting more contemporary, more appealing to a wider generational spectrum, and more tailored to their respective markets. In short, they’ve identified their target markets and started creating exceptional products: Some new additions to look for include Best Western Premier, Executive Residency, Glo, and Vib. Take a look at our sneak peek into these snazzy new chains! 


  • Best Western Premier — Custom-made to appeal to Boomers, the Best Western Premier showcases traditional features with more luxe upgrades. An ideal location for banquets and meetings alike, Premier focuses on exceptional dining and beautiful spaces for a cozy, classy stay.



  • Executive Residency — This brand tailors to extended-stay travelers and offers cozy turnkey solutions. Executive Residency is an upper-midscale hotel where flexible spaces, stylish design, and brand signature elements come together to create an enriching extended stay experience for hotel guests, building loyalty and repeat bookings.



  • Glo — Attempting to break the cookie-cutter hotel mold, Glo showcases more suburban options guaranteed to look stunning from the ho-hum highway. Glo will serve mostly secondary markets, providing lodging for locations like business parks and mall centers.



  • Vib — This unapologetically hip hotel serving urban locations was designed to delight Millennials. According to the BW website, “ Hotel amenities include free wi-fi in lobby and guestrooms, grab-n-go stations serving premium food and coffee, bar and cozy fireplace, 700 sq. ft. Zen zone, gaming pods, fitness center and more.”


Although all of their brands are getting a more upscale touch, each member of the BW family lives somewhere within the midscale segment. “Our goal next year is to give people more and more places to use their points, but to add variety to the look and feel of the branding,”says Jeff. With a wider range of lodging options made for a more diverse range of traveler personas, Best Western is positioned to grow exponentially in coming years.

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