We’re Right by Your Side!

Like a family member or friend you can call at the last minute, at Creative Lodging Solutions™; we pride ourselves on how reliable we are…right when you need us. You might as well program us into your ‘Favorites’ contacts—because we’re just one phone call away. We pledge to be the travel companion that stands by your side, no matter what.

In fact, here’s what one client said about us recently: “In my business we spend a lot of time on the road. We have people in hotels almost every day of the year. Creative Lodging Solutions™ has been an incredible resource. They always come through when I need them, and the staff is top notch. Not only have they saved me time and aggravation, but our accounting department loves them too. I can’t imagine doing business without them at this point, and I don’t remember how I ever did.” This kind of praise will only come to a company that lives up to our standards in reliability.

When you’re out on the road on vacation, you’re bound to have some last minute needs. For example, have you ever gotten all the way to your destination, unpacked your bags, and realized you left your toothbrush or aspirin at home, miles away? What did you do? Obviously, you had to make a quick run to the store to pick up any pieces you left behind. You have to find a resource as convenient to you as possible, yes?

Now imagine you’re far from home on a business trip and arrive at your travel destination with major problems with the hotel you have reserved. Maybe there’s no truck parking, and your crew pulls up with a few semis. Maybe you requested double rooms for two lodgers staying in one room but were surprised by single rooms upon arrival (a little too close for comfort?). Maybe you asked for a mini fridge and got a mini bar (not the worst problem to have!). How easy would it be if you could just click a button and get a friendly rep on the line that can fix your problems, pronto? At CLS™, an easy solution to a complicated problem is right within reach–of your cell phone. We resolve issues, clear payment confusion, book rooms, and whatever else you could ever think of that involves your lodging needs. We want you to rest assured that we’re taking care of you every time you travel for business.

According to a representative at a major construction company, “What I love about CLS™ is that we can always count on them, even in a major crisis. We’ve had problems with hotel staff before, and CLS™ handled it very well. They really are experts at what they do. Our company loves calling CLS™.”


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