What to Expect for Labor Day 2017

First of all… when is Labor Day 2017?

Labor Day is right around the corner this year on September 4; Labor Day always takes place on the first Monday in September. According to an interesting article we found in Old Farmer’s Almanac, the holiday was chosen for holding a convenient midpoint between July 4 and Thanksgiving —  breaking that long summer-to-fall stretch. The holiday was founded by one of the Macguire brothers — either Matthew or Peter; history hasn’t decided which yet. Either way, we’re very thankful for their brilliant idea and the extra day off.

We all look forward to the last hurrah of the summer, but we hate the traffic, both on road and air, that separates us from that one-last-time beach vacation. How bad will it be this year?

Some stats to consider about Labor Day traffic: 

According to reports by CNBC, the year-over-year airline estimates suggest a five percent increase in flights this year during the Labor Day holiday, but airlines are doing their best to prepare. They should be adding over 113,000 seats total to their busiest routes. Days to avoid include Thursday, August 31; Friday, September 1; and Monday, September 4. And airports to eschew come as no surprise to frequent travelers — Atlanta Hartsfield International, Chicago’s ‘O Hare International, and Los Angeles International.

Watch out, though: Labor Day has one of the worst reputations for traffic accidents of any other major holiday. People squeeze too many alcohol-related activities into this one holiday and hit the road shortly after having one too many drinks. In fact, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day has been dubbed “The 100 Deadliest Days for Teens,” so watch out for the teenagers in your family during these risky days.

Fatal fêtes:

In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also discovered that “seven of the 25 deadliest days in the U.S. occurred during August, which made it the deadliest month on the road. September and July rank as the second and third deadliest months, according to the NHTSA, and March had the fewest auto fatalities.” 

Do your best to stay safe this Labor Day! We’d be the last to tell you not to take that trip to see family, but always proceed with caution. Avoid high-traffic times, check in with family members before leaving, and always take your time getting back and forth from your destination. Enjoy a safe, relaxing three-day weekend!

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