What to Get Your Road Warrior Dad

Are you ready for the weekend? I don’t just mean TGIF and all that: I’m referring to Father’s Day on Sunday. We know you’re not planning to skip out on buying Dad a gift, but sometimes it’s hard to think of the perfect thing without defaulting to a tie. (PS: Don’t buy another tie ever again!) If you haven’t thought of anything for the occasion just yet, we’re here to help you.

Since we are writing a travel blog, we want to keep it relevant by highlighting the best ideas for the traveling men in our lives. According to recent research from Forbes magazine, men make up 71% of the traveling workforce. Surprisingly, 80% of business travelers hit the trail alone on each business trip. Sounds like a lonely road, so what could possibly be a better way to remind Dad of family and home than by thanking him with a thoughtful gift?

For any on-the-road dad: No one can call his bluff that these aren’t a fancy pair of slacks. Ideal for long flights and business meetings alike, these lightweight pants stay wrinkle-free and seamlessly comfortable all day long. (Here’s hoping they make some for women soon!) Check them out! 

Here’s another one: tickets. Whether it’s to the game you know he’s been anticipating or the sequel to the sci-fi movie he loves, show him you listen to his interests by treating him. Grab some tickets from Ticketmaster or Fandango.

For the poker-playing papa: Does your dad love to participate in a good gamble? Even if everyone can read his poker face, his game will look pretty strong with this deluxe poker portable.

For the beer-lovers: These homemade growlers were crafted in Portland with all the right details. The lids were trimmed for the tightest possible fit to avoid spillage, and the ceramic body guarantees a cold drink for days after refrigeration. That’s right – days. Get these for the beer or bourbon man in your life. 

For the bearded ones: Burrough’s beard oil is the standard in hip, natural beard products. Just in time for Father’s Day, you can order Prospector Co. products with the special code DAD for a percentage off.

For the shipshape pater familias: For dads that keep spilling hygiene items into their suitcase despite their best efforts, this tough pouch delivers on craftsmanship and utility alike. Made from a former sail maker, it’s handcrafted to last and ruggedly handsome. See details or color options here. 

For the sentimental daddy: He’d love to have the reminder that he’s The Best Dad Ever every morning when he drinks his coffee.





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