What You Should Know About Getting Snowed In

Don’t Get Trapped by Travel Delays: Part 2
What if you do end up getting stuck? 

According to the flight-tracking aid, FlightAware, 10,850 flights were cancelled last weekend. That doesn’t even count the number of flight delays, which totaled over 6,000. Were you on one of the cancelled or delayed flights?

So, last time when we talked about avoiding corporate travel delays in bad weather, we failed to mention something. Even some well-planned business travel goes wrong when winter hits, and you might find yourself stuck in a hotel room for a few days. Take the recent fiasco on the East Coast, for example. Reviews on Yelp flooded in from happy lodgers who were pleased with how gracefully many local hotels handled Winter Storm Jonas.

Hotel experts know it’s no fun to arrive hours late and get pelted by seemingly relentless ice and snow, so they do everything it takes to make you comfortable. But if you’re like us, you don’t like to get trapped inside when you have to arrive at a worksite! Before slumping onto your bed, pulling out your laptop, and working in your home away from home, why not double check to see if the hotel offers a shuttle service?

Obviously, this won’t be an option in inclement weather, but if you’re trying to avoid a snow-induced fender bender, this could be an affordable solution when you just don’t want to risk harming your car. Need to make sure a shuttle is included in your hotel amenities? Let your CLS travel manager save it to your list of must-haves, and your preferences will be saved in our reservation system until you ask us to change them. It’s easy!

Because peak hotel occupancy depends on favorable weather conditions, we can’t deny that winter weather influences room rate. According to Consumer Reports Magazine, “Like airlines, hotels use intricate formulas to set prices based on projected demand. If you want to stay at Walt Disney World Resorts in Florida over a winter holiday or spring break, expect to pay more than you would in October. Similarly, if there’s a forecast of bad weather, an elevated terror alert, or a last-minute conference cancellation, rates might drop. It’s all about timing.” So, yes–If you’re in the midst of a snowstorm, your hotel might drop the rate a little per night, especially if we’re doing everything we can to lower your rates.

If you’re already partnered with CLS and you get stuck, call us so we can work out a solution with the hotel staff. Just like our hotel partners, we want to keep you safe, warm, and well-fed in your corporate lodging accommodation, regardless of what’s going on outside. Just call us at 888-852-5100 and press 0ption 2 to reach us. We’re 24/7!

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