What’s Behind Door #1?

Finding hotel options is a lot more complicated than you think, even before we send the final steps of the hotel approval process your way! Believe it or not, you get to do the fun part of picking the hotel room; CLS does so much extra preliminary work when managing your long-term project lodging. We’ll break it down for you.

What you see: A lineup of awesome hotel options that really click, just waiting for your approval.

Behind the scenes: Those options don’t just appear out of thin air. We have to work and find them! (Pretty darn hard, too!) What do we use as the basis for hunting options? We like to call it PLAQ, but it’s not the same kind your dentist complains about. We’re referring to Price, Location, Amenities, and Quality–the first credentials we go after when finding your hotel room. We generate the best options, look over them repeatedly, and hand pick the right room for you. Before you decide to open Door 1, 2, or 3, let’s show you how we make PLAQ work its magic for your hotel selection mojo.

  • Price: Low rates first attracted you to our service, right? We negotiate options that fit your company’s travel policy: Your favorite hotel brands and your price range give us a great place to start!
  • Location: Ever hear a realtor say that you can change a house but not the neighborhood? The same rings true for corporate lodging, and we all know that location is key to enjoying your arrangements. Who wants to score an incredible price but wake up an hour early every day to drive 40 miles away to your worksite?
  • Amenities: Especially with extended stay lodging, amenities prove to be more than just the little extras. They can make or break the room. What if you drive a truck but can’t find the truck parking that you need?
  • Quality: The price you need must also come with the quality you want when getting the right room. What’s the overall impression of the hotel’s value? Does this place really fit the bill for the comfortable night that your travelers deserve?

We provide 1-3 options, based on how long you plan to stay. After that, the ball is in your court. You decide which of these options best serves the needs of your travelers. Do you want what’s behind Door #1 or Door #2?

Which hotel doors will you open next? Just know that CLS is here to support you and your travel policy every step along the way as you make your decision.

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