Why You Should Subscribe to Our Blog

5 Reasons Why You (Yes, You!) Should Subscribe to Our Blog

Blogs can be really cumbersome reads, especially those trying to tailor to a particular niche. While we understand that we’re not perfect, we’re NOT boring. We hate overtly promotional blogs, bad design, burned out writers, and corporate jargon. We think you should, too. Think of the CLS blog as a mutual opportunity to connect and have fun! You can always join the conversation by commenting on existing blog articles or even writing your own. 

1. We keep it entertaining. — Need proof? We’ve written blogs about movies, Halloween costumes, pets, and April Fools Day pranks, but we’ve always managed to tie it all back to travel. Shocking, right?

2. We make it informative. — You deserve to know what’s going on in our industry, so we keep you up to date. It’s not all about fun, fluffy posts — we get you the hottest hotel news in real time, too. After all, there are moments when you want to prance around in a Space Balls costume, but there are others when you need to know how the travel industry is doing in concrete statistics. We’ve got your back on both occasions.

3. We focus on corporate travel, but we emphasize the travel and not the corporate — Sure, it’s important to crunch the numbers, but sometimes business writers completely miss the point because they’re too tied up in technicalities and facts. There’s so much of life that goes into travel, and luxury and business travel will inevitably blend at some point. People have fun on business trips (hello, bleisure!), and people also want to learn about their vacation travels while they’re already on our site. Why not give them in all-inclusive travel resource so they can stick around a while? After all, our blog is an extension of our service.

4. We make sure it’s actually readable. — Jargon is important within an industry’s community. While we acknowledge that there are words that all industry thought leaders need to know, we also don’t want to wear you out with acronyms and code words. It goes two ways:  If our telecom client starts talking to us about “NFC” and “throttling,” we’re going to get confused. And that’s okay – we let you be your industry expert, and we get to be ours. Let’s shake hands on it.


5. We’re proud of our competitive streak — Google most other business travel sites, and you’ll find many patterns: a) They don’t even have a blog; b) they never update said blog; or c) they fill their articles with so many buzzwords that they only reach readers in a very specific audience, which equals not only bad customer service but bad marketing. Business travel encompasses so much of the modern professional’s work life, so shouldn’t content about a sizable chunk of your time read like a story where you choose your own adventure? Maybe we’re going too far, but life’s too short to read boring blogs at the airport.


  • Cheryl Fragomeni
    Posted at 23:04h, 18 March Reply

    Enjoy working with Creative Lodging

    • Maggie McCombs
      Posted at 20:08h, 22 March Reply

      Thank you! We enjoy working with you too!

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