2017 travel trends

You’ll Love These 17 Travel Trends for 2017!

What’s going to happen this year in travel? Here’s the fastest rundown ever: 2017 will showcase some never-before-seen travel trends to delight luxury and business travelers alike. All age ranges are having their moment in travel, and the luxury travel sector will get 2x more traction than the other markets this year. 

The highlights include many contrasts: from speedy trains to relaxing river cruises, a huge hike in ancillary airplane fees to a flat rate in overall hotel and flight rates, group adventures involving Millennials and Boomers, and the popularity of emerging and vanishing destinations. As if that’s not enough, rumor has the voluntourism movement is taking off, pet-friendly hotels are sweeping the industry, and underwater travel could finally surface. Are you ready?

There’s a little something for everyone in travel this year as long as you keep an open mind and execute smart financial planning. And if you’re a Millennial, you might want to start asking your parents and grandparents where they plan to go for family vacation this year…but you didn’t hear it from us!

Without further ado, let’s fast-forward to the weird and wonderful future for 2017:


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